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    1. 霍尼韋爾 - 華瑞RAE

      美國華瑞集團(RAE Systems)是一家高科技、國際化上市公司。公司成立于1991年,是世界公認的光離子化(PID)技術領導者,以及氣體檢測產品、無線傳感網絡、放射性檢測產品與呼吸防護產品制造商。
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      Company Vision
      RAE Systems is proven technology leader that owns and manufacturers its own sensor technology. The company holds over 18 chemical sensor patents and has developed proprietary photoionization detector (PID), wireless, and radiation-detection technologies. RAE Systems provides the highest level of quality, value, and satisfaction to its customers around the world by utilizing established global manufacturing subsidiaries, together with a global sales channel and partners. RAE Systems focuses on delivering the highest level of customer support and training.

      RAE Systems recently agreed to merge with a leading global technology investment firm as part of the company’s ongoing effort to advance development and manufacturing of its leading chemical, gas and radiation detection solutions and services that it delivers to customers worldwide. The merger marks RAE Systems’ switch from being a publicly held company to a private one. The decision reflects the company’s focus and commitment to the businesses and markets it serves – including industrial and responder safety, and military and security markets – and is expected to help drive its continued growth as it redirects capital to further expand its research and development efforts.

      RAE Systems Technology Innovation
      RAE Systems recently introduced the world’s first wireless portable multi-threat monitors that provide unique capabilities and functionalities to safety professionals in a versatile, easy-to-use design. The new family of wireless-capable monitors joins the company’s growing portfolio of highly differentiated products in advanced intelligent, connected, wireless gas and radiation detection solutions.